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Put the best face on your IQOS

You might already have come across this situation: You wanted to tell a friend of yours who is an adult smoker that he/she had a better choice – an IQOS device. They tried it and rerturned the device to you saying that they simply didn't like it. It is always advisable to point out that not only the taste is different. Here are just a few tips to help adult smokers enjoy their first experience with heated tobacco to the full. Sometimes it is worth waiting for the right moment to change somebody's life.

"Do you know what tobacco actually tastes like?"
Tobacco heating will make it possible to enjoy the taste of true tobacco even for your friend, an adult smoker. Try to explain the difference in taste compared to classic cigarettes before they have the first taste.


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"Don't taste IQOS when smoking a cigarette or after it"
Would you like a friend of yours, an adult smoker, to taste IQOS outside, at a party or even at work during a cigarette break? Wait for the right moment. An adult smoker used to the taste of cigarettes can be surprised by the new taste of IQOS. It is always better to try IQOS first when there are no traces of a previously smoked cigarette.


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"Get rid of the cigarette smoke and stop avoiding your colleagues"
Smokers often face rejection from their fellow-workers because of the unpleasant cigaerette smell that stick to clothes, hair and hands. When using IQOS the cigarette smell won't appear. It may inspire adult smokers around you to give IQOS a chance.



"The ritual stays the same, but you realize the change on yourself"
The way IQOS is used is very similar to the classic cigarette smoking ritual. There is only one difference – tobacco heating in IQOS produces much less harmful substances compared to cigarettes. The two rituals are almost alike, which makes the transition to IQOS easier.



"It takes a while to get used to a new taste"
You know yourself best that choosing IQOS has brought you many positive changes. Therefore, you can simply share your experience and draw attention of adult smokers around you to the difference in tobacco taste.



Next time you introduce the IQOS device to an adult smoker as a better alternative to a classic cigarette, don't forget to share your IQOS CLUB code with him/her. You both get a reward and you can also have a good feeling that you helped improve the life of an adult smoker around you.

More benefits and terms and conditions of the IQOS CLUB can be found here.

With a little help from experts, the switchover from cigarettes to IQOS is easy. If you want to help your friend, an adult smoker, choose a better option like IQOS, remember that they can arrange a meeting with an IQOS partner at for free. At the meeting they may taste everything they like and also ask any questions related to IQOS.