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IQOS 3 is a new two-part heated tobacco system that works hand-in-hand to deliver the best in tobacco satisfaction. A newly designed pocket charger fits perfectly in your hand to keep you recharged for 20 single tobacco moments.

This is perfectly paired with the smallest holder we've ever designed and comes equipped with our new ProtectPlus™ System for lasting protection and reliability.

Find your perfect match by exploring our widest range of IQOS accessories and four new, stunning device colors: Warm White, Velvet Grey, Stellar Blue, and Brilliant Gold

Take your time to fall in love with the all new IQOS 3

IQOS 3 - the next evolution of heated tobacco technology redefining elegance and intuitiveness that brings the same heated tobacco satisfaction as pioneered with our previous, groundbreaking IQOS devices. Drawing inspiration from our trusted IQOS users, the new IQOS 3 reflects the voices of over 5 million smokers who made the leap towards a smoke-free alternative. The result - your best IQOS ever.

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Colorful. Elegant. Unforgettable. Our accessories are designed with the highest quality materials to protect your IQOS 3 and to perfectly complement your lifestyle. Explore over 500 combinations of new dazzling caps, door covers and leather pouches for the perfect finishing touch to your heated tobacco system across any occasion. Whether you’re at the beach, strolling the city streets or hiking in the hills, get equipped with the gear to always make the most of your tobacco moments.