Have a look at the map of partner venues, where IQOS can be used!

Whether IQOS can be used in restaurants, pubs and bars is a matter for the owner of the establishment.

To ensure that you can enjoy your IQOS in the comfort of your favourite restaurant, we are constantly working on expanding the network of IQOS Friendly locations where the owner has agreed to use of IQOS and the personnel are aware of this.

Nevertheless we recommend always checking with the staff first, as to whether they are happy with you using IQOS at that particular time or in that particular area of the establishment in question.

You can also recognise IQOS Friendly locations by the IQOS sticker on the door. Display the Map

Tobacco sticks and nicotine pods used with IQOS contain nicotine, which is addictive. Therefore using IQOS is not risk free. The best choice for consumers concerned about their health is to quit tobacco and nicotine use altogether.