IQOS CLUB is designed for registered IQOS users. It enables rewards to be obtained for recommending IQOS to adult smokers who you know and offers other exclusive benefits.


Every registered user who has expressed interest in membership within our IQOS CLUB and thus granted his/her consent to receive additional information by email or text message can make use of those benefits.


IQOS CLUB offers all sorts of benefits.

       Reward in the form of a voucher for 600 CZK for purchases in our e-shop or IQOS Stores for referrals of adult smokers, during the period of 60 days from when IQOS CLUB code is sent to your email address. After the 60 day period the reward is 200 CZK.

       Exclusive discounted offers

       Invitations to VIP events

       Useful tips and tricks for getting the most out of IQOS

       Latest information on new products (limited editions, new tobacco stick flavours)


How can I join the IQOS CLUB?

If you are a new registered user and you have granted your consent to receiving additional information via email or text message and your IQOS device is registered, we will send you your unique IQOS CLUB code within 24 hours, and from then on you will be able to start making use of all the benefits. If you have not been able to find the IQOS CLUB code in your email, contact the IQOS Customer Care Centre on 800 413 413.


How do I obtain a CZK 600 reward (or CZK 200 after the first 60 days after the code is sent) for myself and a CZK 200 discount for adult smokers I know?*

1. Introduce IQOS to adult smokers you know, who have not yet made use of any discounted offer for purchasing IQOS sets.

The better you explain to them the benefits that IQOS offers, the higher the chance you have of obtaining a reward.

2. Share with them your IQOS CLUB code (you will receive your IQOS CLUB code by email upon fulfilment of the conditions above), which they can use as a CZK 200 discount when purchasing IQOS in our e-shop, or in our IQOS Stores or via IQOS Partners for CZK 1590 including IQOS and carton of tobacco sticks.

In case of purchase via our e-shop, they will also receive Online IQOS Guide, which will help them with using IQOS. Discounted offer is conditioned by registration.

Instructions for how your friends should proceed are specified below.

3. Through using the IQOS CLUB code, your friend will obtain a CZK 200 discount on the purchase of IQOS and you will obtain a voucher worth CZK 600 (or CZK 200 after 60 days from sending your IQOS CLUB code to your email address) to purchase any goods at

4. Every month you will receive a voucher(s) from us by email, the overall value of which corresponds to the number of uses of the IQOS CLUB code when making purchases over the previous calendar month. Vouchers can only be used for one item in your shopping cart at the e-shop.


Where can adult smokers you refer obtain a CZK 200 discount when purchasing IQOS using your IQOS CLUB code?

1. In the e-shop when purchasing IQOS SET. Purchases can be made in the e-shop after registration.

2. In our IQOS Stores when purchasing an IQOS DISCOUNT OFFER FOR NEW USERS, which requires registration and comprises an IQOS kit and a carton of tobacco sticks.
You will find a map of our IQOS outlets here.

3. Via IQOS Partners when purchasing an IQOS DISCOUNT OFFER FOR NEW USERS, which requires registration and comprises an IQOS kit and a carton of tobacco sticks.
To arrange a meeting with an IQOS Partner, all you have to do is fill in this form or contact the Customer Care Centre on 800 413 413.


Where can I redeem vouchers for reffering IQOS?

Vouchers may be redeemed within e-shop and in our IQOS stores for a period of 2 months after the month in which the claim originated.  Vouchers can not be exchanged for others, nor can they be repaid or extended.


In the shopping cart, enter the voucher in the promo code field. Voucher can be used to purchase any merchandise in the e-shop (but can not be used for postage). Multiple vouchers can be applied to 1 item (eg. 2 vouchers can be used for discount on the second IQOS holder). 1 voucher can not be applied to multiple items (eg 1 voucher can not be used to buy 2 caps). The voucher always applies to the highest value item. If the voucher value exceeds the item's price, the remaining amount can not be applied to the next item or to the next purchase. (for example, using a voucher of CZK 600 and purchase of IQOS sleeve for CZK 299, the remaining amount of CZK 301 can not be used for another item).


Show you voucher to the personell in our IQOS Stores, which you can find on a map here. Vouchers may be used without any limitations, apart from the case when the voucher value exceeds the price of the purchase, the rest amount will not be returned and it is not possible to use it for next purchase.


If you would not like to continue receiving information about special offers for members of the IQOS CLUB, you can unsubscribe here.


*Philip Morris ČR a.s. reserves the right to modify the conditions of this program at any time or to terminate the program. You will be informed of this fact. The IQOS CLUB code can only be used to purchase IQOS SET, which can only be purchased by registered users in the e-shop, and IQOS DISCOUNT OFFER FOR NEW USERS, which you can buy via IQOS Partners and in the IQOS Stores. To redeem discount when purchasing IQOS SET, you need to enter the IQOS CLUB code in the "Promo code" box on the page with the order summary. When buying in person you need to present the IQOS CLUB code when making your purchase. Rewards for referrals on the basis of an IQOS CLUB code used when making a purchase will be sent in the form of a voucher to the email address specified when registering on IQOS.COM.
The value of the voucher will correspond to the number of uses of the IQOS CLUB code over the previous calendar month. Vouchers will be issued up to a maximum value of CZK 1,000 and will be sent out by no later than the 15th day of the following calendar month. Over the course of one calendar month you can obtain rewards for a maximum of 30 uses of the IQOS CLUB code, so with the time-limited offer of CZK 600 for a referral, the maximum total of the reward is CZK 18,000. When this time-limited offer does not apply, the reward for each referral is CZK 200 and therefore the maximum total of the reward is CZK 6,000. Extra rewards over and above the set maximum will not be carried forward to the next calendar month.

In the event that the value of the voucher exceeds the value of the item, the unused value of the voucher cannot be used for a different item in the shopping cart. No more than one voucher can be used to purchase one item. If a purchaser, who made use of a discount when making a purchase through the IQOS CLUB code, subsequently withdraws from the agreement, you will forfeit the right to a reward for the referral. If a purchaser withdraws from the agreement in a calendar month following the month for which a collective reward has been provided, the reward paid to the referrer for that purchase will be deducted from the reward for the subsequent calendar month.
Entitlement to remuneration arises only if the order is delivered and fully paid. The decisive date for granting the reward within calendar month is in case of e-shop orders day following the delivery and payment of the order. 


Do you have any further questions?

Contact our IQOS Customer Care Centre on toll-free number 800 413 413 or write to us at [email protected]

Processing of personal data

Please note that your personal data that you voluntarily provided upon registration will be processed in accordance with the PMI Privacy Notice for consumers.

You can withdraw your consent to the sending of additional information at any time on your profile at, by clicking on the link here or by contacting the IQOS Customer Care Centre on toll-free number 800 413 413, or you can write to us at [email protected].

Tobacco sticks and nicotine pods used with IQOS contain nicotine, which is addictive. Therefore using IQOS is not risk free. The best choice for consumers concerned about their health is to quit tobacco and nicotine use altogether.