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Special offer for new users

Do you want to buy IQOS? Now you can have it more conveniently

At the e-shop, you can get one of our IQOS sets for new users at a discounted price now.

Each IQOS set contains IQOS device and tobacco sticks. You will definitely appreciate that entering the smoke-free world will be easier for you with our clear online IQOS guide.

Do not hesitate to get your new IQOS today.

Up to the end of January 2020  with each set purchased, you will get extra five PACKS of TOBACCO STICKS for free





*Prices apply when purchasing through e-shop, IQOS partners and in our IQOS stores. Device availability may vary. The condition is your registration on


If IQOS is recommended by your friend who is a member of the IQOS CLUB and you have the IQOS CLUB code, apply it before paying on the "Order Summary" page. After you complete your purchase, you will receive a voucher of CZK 300 for your next purchase.

These offers are only for newly registered users or for users who have not yet used any preferred IQOS offer after registration.