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May 20 2019

New flavours of tobacco sticks

From June 3, 2019 you will be able to buy new tobacco sticks on IQOS.com e-shop and in our IQOS stores.


New flavours Bronze and Blue are coming to Czech market.

Bronze Label will surprise you with its warm aroma and deep satisfying tobacco flavour, enriched with tones of cocoa and dried fruit.

Blue Label, on the contrary, brings a strong refreshing mint aroma together with a completely satisfying tobacco flavour enriched with cooling peppermint and soft vanilla tones.



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May 15 2019

Special offer for new users

Do you want to buy IQOS? Now you can have it more conveniently

At the e-shop, you can get one of our IQOS sets for new users at a discounted price now.

Each IQOS set contains IQOS device including accessories and tobacco sticks. You will definitely appreciate that entering the smoke-free world will make it easier for you to make a clear online IQOS guide.

Do not hesitate to get your new IQOS today.


Multipack Set IQOS 3 + four tobacco stick packs in different varieties + voucher for purchasing any carton of tobacco sticks = 2 790 CZK *

So far the best IQOS in an extended new user package. Faster, more durable, in a set with a selection of tobacco sticks.




* Prices apply when purchasing through IQOS.com e-shop. Device availability may vary. The condition is your registration on IQOS.com.


Set IQOS 2.4 Plus + 5 packs of tobacco sticks = 1 290 CZK **

The first IQOS on the Czech market. You will be delighted with its reliability and original design at a really good price.




Set IQOS 3 + any carton of tobacco sticks = 2 790 CZK **

A world news that does not have competition on the market. Recharges quickly, adapts to your style and have the best endurance.




Set IQOS 3 COMBO + any carton of tobacco sticks = 4 190 CZK **

With this set you enjoy the most, because it contains two of our best devices - the new IQOS 3 together with IQOS 3 MULTI.




Set IQOS 3 MULTI + any carton of tobacco sticks = 2 490 CZK **

An ideal set for those who are still on the move and want to enjoy IQOS, even if there is no time to waste.





If IQOS is recommended by your friend who is a member of the IQOS CLUB and you have the IQOS CLUB code, apply it before paying on the "Order Summary" page. After you complete your purchase, you will receive a voucher of CZK 300 for your next purchase.

This offer is only for newly registered users or for users who have not yet used any preferred IQOS offer after registration.


** Prices apply when purchasing through IQOS.com e-shop, IQOS partners and in our IQOS stores. Device availability may vary. The condition is your registration on IQOS.com.



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April 23 2019

Make use of the affordable offer and purchase another IQOS

Everything is easier with more than one IQOS. While using one, the other one is charging and you don’t have to wait for anything. For instance, you can always have one of them ready in your car and the other one in your pocket with you. Make use of the affordable offer of IQOS 2.4 Plus, IQOS 3 or IQOS 3 MULTI in a set with a pack of tobacco sticks. Choose the IQOS device in colour that underlines your style and your favourite taste of tobacco sticks in addition to that.


Having the other IQOS device at hand makes it easier to lend such device to an adult smoking friend to try.  All sets from the discounted price offer can be purchased in IQOS stores or in the e-shop IQOS.com




Every user register at IQOS.com can buy a maximum of five sets of IQOS with a pack of tobacco sticks within the aforesaid discounted price offers using one user account. In case of a sixth order or more, the company reserves the right not to confirm the e-shop order or withdraw from the agreement in accordance with the terms and conditions of the E-SHOP. In case of a payment by card the money received will be returned to the respective account within 14 days after cancelling the payment.

IQOS CLUB nová pravidla

May 17 2019

IQOS CLUB Terms & Conditions

The IQOS CLUB offers plenty of advantages:


  • A bonus of CZK 600 in the form of a voucher for referring IQOS within the first 60 days after sending out the IQOS CLUB code to your e-mail address; any time afterwards the referral bonus will be CZK 300
  • A purchase of a special offer for new users with the bonus of CZK 300 in the form of a voucher for your friends, adult smokers who purchase IQOS on your recommendation using your IQOS CLUB code
  • Offers for exclusively reduced prices
  • Invitation to VIP events
  • Useful tips and tricks how to use IQOS to the maximum
  • Up to date information about new products (limited editions, new tobacco sticks flavors)



Most IQOS users are also IQOS CLUB members. To become one, you only have to check your approval of the IQOS CLUB membership and have at least one IQOS device registered on your account.



It is easy, you only have to hand your unique IQOS CLUB code to your friends, adult smokers. By using the code for purchasing one of our IQOS 3 sets they will receive a voucher in the value of CZK 300.

You will receive CZK 600 bonus in the form of a voucher to purchase any goods at our IQOS.com e-shop or at our IQOS stores for all new users who purchase IQOS during the first 60 days after your IQOS CLUB code has been sent to your e-mail address, which you provided during the registration. Any time afterwards your bonus will be CZK 300.

Attention, we give out bonuses for every new user you refer but up to a maximum of 15 within one calendar month.



Your friends, adult smokers can choose from these three offers*:

  1. IQOS 2.4 Plus including a carton of tobacco sticks for CZK 1 790
  2. IQOS 3 including a carton of tobacco sticks for CZK 2 790
  3. IQOS 3 COMBO including a carton of tobacco sticks for CZK 4 190, this COMBO includes IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 MULTI
  4. IQOS 3 MULTI including a carton of tobacco sticks for CZK 2 490

Upon redeeming the IQOS CLUB code a voucher for the value of CZK 300 will be sent to them.

*The prices are valid for IQOS.com e-shop purchases (this offer can be found under IQOS 2.4 Plus set / IQOS 3 set / IQOS 3 COMBO set at the e-shop, the price will be reduced after putting the goods in the shopping cart and logging in), at our IQOS stores and with our IQOS partners. The availability of the devices can vary for each purchase location. Condition for these offers is registration on IQOS.com.



Check out your e-mail inbox. Within 24 hours after your registration as a user and registration of your IQOS device we will send out a unique IQOS CLUB code. If you fail to find it in your e-mail inbox please contact our IQOS Customer Care Center at [email protected] or at 800 413 413, we will fix it immediately.

Complete rules of the IQOS CLUB are available here.


April 18 2019


Visit one of our IQOS Stores, which offer the full IQOS range and professional customer service.


IQOS Stores offer the full range of IQOS devices and IQOS accessories.

Our professional personnel will give you a friendly welcome in a relaxed setting, where you will be able to try out IQOS for free, or just relax and try the taste of IQOS, with a cup of delicious coffee.

At the IQOS STORE we will be pleased to provide you with advice and the full range of customer service for IQOS products, including cleaning your IQOS for free.


IQOS STORE PragueSpecify an alternative path by which this data can be accessed. For example, type "/about" when writing an about pa

Na Příkopě 22, 110 00 Staré Město

Mondays – Sundays 10.00 am – 8.00 pm



Vítězná 1, Sedlec, Kutná Hora

Mondays – Fridays 9.00 am – 5.00 pm 

Saturdays – Sundays 9.00 am – 3.00 pm



You will find IQOS POP-UP outlets throughout the Czech Republic in the main shopping centers. We offer the full range of IQOS devices and IQOS accessories there. Our professional personnel will present IQOS to you and you will also have a chance to try it out free of charge. Full customer service is also provided.

You will find the latest list of all IQOS outlets in the map here.


POP-UP Praha - Chodov

OC Chodov, Praha, Roztylská 2321/19

Mondays - Sundays 9.00 am - 9.00 pm 


POP-UP Praha - Zličín

Metropole Zličín, Praha, Řevnická 1

Mondays - Sundays 9.00 am - 9.00 pm 


POP-UP OC Praha - Smíchov

OC Nový Smíchov, Praha, Plzeňská 8, Anděl

Mondays - Sundays 9.00 am - 9.00 pm 


POP-UP Praha - Černý Most

Praha, OC Černý Most, Chlumecká 765/6

Mondays - Sundays 9.00 am - 9.00 pm 


IQOS Coffee Praha

Praha, Milady Horákové 65/492

Mondays – Fridays 6.00 am – 8.00 pm

Saturdays 7.00 am – 4.00 pm

Sundays - closed


IQOS Tobacco shop Praha

Václavské náměstí - Metro Můstek

Mondays – Fridays 6:00 am - 8.00 pm

Saturdays 12.00 pm - 8.00 pm

Sundays - closed


POP-UP Mladá Boleslav

OC Olympia, Mladá Boleslav, Jičínská 1350/3

Mondays - Sundays 9.00 am - 9.00 pm 


POP-UP Karlovy Vary

OC Varyáda, Karlovy Vary, Kapitána Jaroše 375/31

Mondays - Sundays 9.00 am - 9.00 pm 


POP-UP Hradec Králové

Aupark Hradec Králové, Gočárova třída 1754/48a, Hradec Králové

Mondays - Sundays 9.00 am - 9.00 pm 


IQOS Coffee Brno - Česká

Brno - Brno-město, Veselá/Česká

Mondays - Fridays 8.00 am - 8.00 pm 

Saturdays 9.00 am - 12.00 pm

Sundays - closed


IQOS Coffee Brno - Vídeňská

Brno - Vídeňská 995/63

Mondays - Fridays  7.00 am -  7.00 pm

Saturdays 8.00 am - 12.00 pm

Sundays - closed


IQOS Coffee Liberec

Liberec, Tř. 1.máje 147/20, 460 01

Mondays – Fridays 7.00 am – 7.00 pm

Saturdays 8.00 am – 7.00 pm

Sundays - closed


IQOS Coffee Plzeň

Plzeň, Americká 31

Mondays – Fridays 9.30 am – 6.00 pm

Saturdays 9.30 am – 12.00 pm

Sundays - closed


IQOS Coffee Olomouc

Olomouc, Polská 1

Mondays – Sundays 9:00 am - 9.00 pm


IQOS Coffee Břeclav

Břeclav, J. Palacha 121/8

Mondays - Fridays 07.00 am - 06.00 pm

Saturdays 7.00 am - 12.00 pm

Sundays - closed


IQOS Coffee České Budějovice

České Budějovice, Laanova 7

Mondays - Fridays 06.00 am - 12.00 pm, 12.30 am - 6.30 pm

Saturdays 8.00 am - 12.30 pm

Sundays - closed


IQOS Coffee Ostrava

Ostrava, Stodolní 316/2

Mondays - Fridays 07.00 am - 07.00 pm

Saturdays 8.00 am - 12.00 pm

Sundays - closed


IQOS Tobacco shop Strakonice

Strakonice, Bezděkovská 30

Mondays - Fridays 5.00 am - 8.00 pm

Saturdays 6.00 am - 7.00 pm

Sundays 8.00 am - 7.00 pm


IQOS Tobacco shop Náchod

Náchod, Palackého 20

Mondays - Fridays 7.00 am - 5.00 pm

Saturdays 7.00 am - 11.00 am

Sundays - closed 


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May 10 2019

Put the best face on your IQOS

You might already have come across this situation: You wanted to tell a friend of yours who is an adult smoker that he/she had a better choice – an IQOS device. They tried it and rerturned the device to you saying that they simply didn't like it. It is always advisable to point out that not only the taste is different. Here are just a few tips to help adult smokers enjoy their first experience with heated tobacco to the full. Sometimes it is worth waiting for the right moment to change somebody's life.

"Do you know what tobacco actually tastes like?"
Tobacco heating will make it possible to enjoy the taste of true tobacco even for your friend, an adult smoker. Try to explain the difference in taste compared to classic cigarettes before they have the first taste.



"Don't taste IQOS when smoking a cigarette or after it"
Would you like a friend of yours, an adult smoker, to taste IQOS outside, at a party or even at work during a cigarette break? Wait for the right moment. An adult smoker used to the taste of cigarettes can be surprised by the new taste of IQOS. It is always better to try IQOS first when there are no traces of a previously smoked cigarette.



"Get rid of the cigarette smoke and stop avoiding your colleagues"
Smokers often face rejection from their fellow-workers because of the unpleasant cigaerette smell that stick to clothes, hair and hands. When using IQOS the cigarette smell won't appear. It may inspire adult smokers around you to give IQOS a chance.



"The ritual stays the same, but you realize the change on yourself"
The way IQOS is used is very similar to the classic cigarette smoking ritual. There is only one difference – tobacco heating in IQOS produces much less harmful substances compared to cigarettes. The two rituals are almost alike, which makes the transition to IQOS easier.



"It takes a while to get used to a new taste"
You know yourself best that choosing IQOS has brought you many positive changes. Therefore, you can simply share your experience and draw attention of adult smokers around you to the difference in tobacco taste.



Next time you introduce the IQOS device to an adult smoker as a better alternative to a classic cigarette, don't forget to share your IQOS CLUB code with him/her. You both get a reward and you can also have a good feeling that you helped improve the life of an adult smoker around you.

More benefits and terms and conditions of the IQOS CLUB can be found here.

With a little help from experts, the switchover from cigarettes to IQOS is easy. If you want to help your friend, an adult smoker, choose a better option like IQOS, remember that they can arrange a meeting with an IQOS partner at www.IQOS.com for free. At the meeting they may taste everything they like and also ask any questions related to IQOS.



iqos ocima uzivatelu

April 3 2019

IQOS Through the Eyes of Users

We asked how IQOS has influenced your life.

See what real users have to say about heated tobacco. Everyone already knows that IQOS is a better option. And what about you?


We went to festivals and VIP events – which you, too, can enjoy thanks to IQOS – and conducted a series of short interviews.

We let IQOS users speak for themselves to learn more about what they think about the advantages of using tobacco without cigarette smoke and ash. You’ll learn, for example, about the hygiene and health benefits that most users experience, and how those around them feel about IQOS.


Take a look at the video and see for yourself how the transition to a better choice changes the lives of former smokers.


Do you feel a difference in yourself?




What was it like when you started using IQOS?




How has IQOS influenced your life?




What do those around you say about IQOS?



What do you enjoy most about IQOS?



Nový IQOS 3 v České republice

February 12 2019

New IQOS 3 in Czechia

Faster, Tougher, Better.

The IQOS 3 is our latest in HeatControl™  Technology solutions. The new IQOS 3 is your best IQOS ever.


Great news – IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 MULTI are now available in all colours and in sufficient quality.

IQOS 3 and IQOS 3 MULTI are now in Czechia. Currently available in our IQOS.com e-shop, at our IQOS Partners, in IQOS Stores in Prague and Kutná Hora, as well as in our POP-UP stores. Find your nearest one here.


IQOS is a better choice

September 5 2018

Find out why IQOS is a better choice

Have you ever thought of comparing IQOS and regular cigarettes in terms of the amount of harmful substances? We are sure you will be surprised.




Heating versus burning

Most of the harmful substances in a common cigarette occur as a result of tobacco burning at high temperatures. In IQOS, tobacco is not burned but only heated. That’s why the amount of harmful substances is significantly lower. Watch the video with a test showing the difference between cigarette smoke and IQOS aerosol.


For more information visit PMI SCIENCE



October 29 2018


Have a look at the map of partner venues, where IQOS can be used!

Whether IQOS can be used in restaurants, pubs and bars is a matter for the owner of the establishment.

To ensure that you can enjoy your IQOS in the comfort of your favourite restaurant, we are constantly working on expanding the network of IQOS Friendly locations where the owner has agreed to use of IQOS and the personnel are aware of this.

Nevertheless we recommend always checking with the staff first, as to whether they are happy with you using IQOS at that particular time or in that particular area of the establishment in question.

You can also recognise IQOS Friendly locations by the IQOS sticker on the door. Display the Map


Tobacco sticks used with IQOS contain nicotine, which is addictive. Therefore using IQOS is not risk free. The best choice for consumers concerned about their health is to quit tobacco use altogether.