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Make use of the affordable offer and purchase another IQOS

Everything is easier with more than one IQOS. While using one, the other one is charging and you don’t have to wait for anything. For instance, you can always have one of them ready in your car and the other one in your pocket with you. Make use of the affordable offer of IQOS 2.4 Plus or IQOS 3 or IQOS 3 MULTI or IQOS 3 COMBO in a set with a with 5 packs of tobacco sticks. Choose the IQOS device in colour that underlines your style and your favourite taste of tobacco sticks in addition to that.


Having the other IQOS device at hand makes it easier to lend such device to an adult smoking friend to try.  All sets from the discounted price offer can be purchased in IQOS stores or in the e-shop


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Every user registered at can buy a maximum of five sets of IQOS within the aforesaid discounted price offers using one user account. In case of a sixth order or more, the company reserves the right not to confirm the e-shop order or withdraw from the agreement in accordance with the terms and conditions of the E-SHOP. In case of a payment by card the money received will be returned to the respective account within 14 days after cancelling the payment.