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IQOS Through the Eyes of Users

We asked how IQOS has influenced your life.

See what real users have to say about heated tobacco. Everyone already knows that IQOS is a better option. And what about you?


We went to festivals and VIP events – which you, too, can enjoy thanks to IQOS – and conducted a series of short interviews.

We let IQOS users speak for themselves to learn more about what they think about the advantages of using tobacco without cigarette smoke and ash. You’ll learn, for example, about the hygiene and health benefits that most users experience, and how those around them feel about IQOS.


Take a look at the video and see for yourself how the transition to a better choice changes the lives of former smokers.


Do you feel a difference in yourself?




What was it like when you started using IQOS?

Don't give up



How has IQOS influenced your life?




What do those around you say about IQOS?



What do you enjoy most about IQOS?