IQOS Care Plus


Does Care Plus have any impact on the statutory terms of liability under the law for products which were defective upon delivery?

No, Care Plus is just an extension of liability. 


Can I claim the Care Plus benefits for a pre-owed IQOS I bought?

Yes, if the device was bought no longer than 24 months ago.  It must also be paired with the new user.


Can I deregister from the Care Plus program?

Yes, by removing your device from the profile, or by asking to be erased from our customer database.  Note, however, that you will no longer enjoy any of the benefits. 


If, upon making use of my one free replacement, I deregister and then re-register, will my benefits be restored upon this new registration for Care Plus?



Can I pass on my Care Plus benefits to another person?



When signing up, I did not give consent to becoming an IQOS CLUB member – will I still be able to avail myself of the Care Plus benefits?



Full Terms and conditions of the Care Plus can be found here.

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